Building a Simple Service Provider


This tutorial was written before the creation of the Typescript SDK, and involves running a Nym Client alongside your application processes, instead of relying on the SDK to integrate the Client process into your application logic.

As such, although this tutorial is still a valid way of approaching building on Nym, it is a little less streamlined than it could be.

A more streamlined rewrite of this tutorial will be coming soon.

This tutorial is the best place to start for developers new to Nym. You will learn how to build a minimum viable privacy-enabled application (PEApp) able to send and receive traffic via the mixnet.

This tutorial is less about building an immediately useful application, and more about beginning to understand:

  • Sending messages through the mixnet to another Nym client
  • Receiving messages from the mixnet and handling them
  • Anonymous replies with Single Use Reply Blocks (SURBs)

That said, this tutorial will give you the skeleton of an application, onto which you can add more useful functionality.