Integrating with Nyx for payments

If you want to integrate with Nym in order to send NYM tokens (for instance, if running a NYM <-> BTC swap application, or using NYM for payments), then you will need to interact with the Nyx blockchain.

Nyx is the blockchain supporting the Nym network, hosting both the NYM and NYX cryptocurrencies, the CosmWasm smart contracts keeping track of the network, and (coming soon) facilitating zk-Nym credential generation. It is built with the Cosmos SDK.

Interacting with the Nyx blockchain

Check out the integration options in the Integration FAQ.

Chain information and RPC endpoints

You can find most information required for integration in the Cosmos Chain Registry and Keplr Chain Registry repositories.

We recommend that users wanting to integrate with Nyx for cryptocurrency payments set up their own RPC Node, in order to be able to reliably query the blockchain and send transactions without having to worry about relying on 3rd party validators.

The guide to setting up an RPC node can be found here.