Integration Options

If you’ve already gone through the different Quick Start options and had a look at the tutorials, you have seen the possibilities available to you for quickly connecting existing application code to another Nym process.

Below are a resources that will be useful for either beginning to integrate mixnet functionality into existing application code or build a new app using Nym.

  • We suggest you begin with this integration decision tree. This will give you a better idea of what pieces of software (SDKs, standalone clients, service providers) your integration might involve, and what is currently possible to do with as little custom code as possible.

  • The integrations FAQ has a list of common questions regarding integrating with Nym and Nyx, as well as commonly required links.

  • To get an idea of what is possible / has already been built, check the community applications and resources page, as well as the developer tutorials codebase.

If you wish to integrate with the Nyx blockchain to use NYM for payments, start with the payment integration page.