NymVPN alpha - Desktop: Guide for GNU/Linux


NymVPN is an experimental software and it’s for testing purposes only. All users testing the client are expected to sign GDPR Information Sheet and Consent Form (shared at the workshop) so we use their results to improve the client, and submit the form NymVPN User research with the testing results.


Any syntax in <> brackets is a user’s/version unique variable. Exchange with a corresponding name without the <> brackets.


  1. Open Github releases page and download the binary for Debian based Linux
  2. Required (if you don’t want to check shasum, skip this point): Verify sha hash of your downloaded binary with the one listed on the releases page. You can use a simple shasum command and compare strings (ie with Python) or run in the same directory the following command, exchanging <SHA_STRING> with the one of your binary, like in the example:
echo "<SHA_STRING>" | shasum -a 256 -c

# choose a correct one according to your binary, this is just an example
# echo "a5f91f20d587975e30b6a75d3a9e195234cf1269eac278139a5b9c39b039e807  nym-vpn-desktop_0.0.3_ubuntu-22.04_x86_64.zip" | shasum -a 256 -c
  1. Extract files:
tar -xvf <BINARY>
# for example
# tar -xvf nym-vpn-desktop_0.0.4_ubuntu-22.04_x86_64.tar.gz
  1. If you prefer to run .AppImage make executable by running:
# make sure you cd into the right sub-directory after extraction
chmod u+x ./appimage/nym-vpn_0.0.4_amd64.AppImage
  1. If you prefer to use the .deb version for installation (works on Debian based Linux only), open terminal in the same directory and run:
cd deb

sudo dpkg -i ./nym-vpn_0.0.4_amd64.deb
# or
sudo apt-get install -f ./nym-vpn_0.0.4_amd64.deb

NymVPN alpha version runs over Nym testnet (called sandbox), a little extra configuration is needed for the application to work.


To test NymVPN alpha we must create two configuration files: an environment config file sandbox.env and config.toml file pointing the application to run over the testnet environment.

  1. Create a NymVPN config directory called nym-vpn in your ~/.config, either manually or by a command:
mkdir $HOME/.config/nym-vpn/
  1. Create the network testnet config: copy-paste this and save as sandbox.env in the directory ~/.config/nym-vpn/ you just created. Aternatively do it by runnin a command
curl -o $HOME/.config/nym-vpn/sandbox.env -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nymtech/nym/develop/envs/sandbox.env
  1. Create NymVPN main config file: copy-paste the line below and save it as config.toml in the same directory ~/.config/nym-vpn/:
# change <USER> to your username
env_config_file = "/home/<USER>/.config/nym-vpn/sandbox.env"

Run NymVPN

For NymVPN to work, all other VPNs must be switched off! At this alpha stage of NymVPN, the network connection (wifi) must be reconnected after or in between the testing rounds.

In case you used .deb package and installed the client, you may be able to have a NymVPN application icon in your app menu. However this may not work as the application needs root permission.

Open terminal and run:

# .AppImage must be run from the same directory as the binary
sudo -E ./nym-vpn_0.0.4_amd64.AppImage

# .deb installation shall be executable from anywhere as
sudo -E nym-vpn

In case of errors, see troubleshooting section.

Last change: 2024-02-22, commit: eabb36b