Preparing Your Service pt2

Now to define the logic of creating the broadcaster for interacting with the blockchain, and querying it in src/


The following dependencies are for creating a client to interact with the blockchain, and deal with the returned Coin type in BalanceResponse.

fn main() {
use crate::{BalanceResponse, DEFAULT_DENOM, DEFAULT_VALIDATOR_RPC};
use cosmrs::rpc::HttpClient;
use cosmrs::AccountId;
use nym_validator_client::nyxd::{Coin, CosmWasmClient};

Creating a broadcaster

The broadcaster is an HttpClient taken from cosmrs, created with the DEFAULT_VALIDATOR_RPC as its default endpoint. The service will use this to query the Sandbox testnet chain.

fn main() {
pub async fn create_broadcaster() -> anyhow::Result<HttpClient> {
    let broadcaster: HttpClient = HttpClient::new(DEFAULT_VALIDATOR_RPC)?;

Querying the Chain

Now to write the logic for querying the chain, using the broadcaster created in the previous step to query for the balance of the account that the client sent via the mixnet in the BalanceRequest. This function returns a BalanceResponse containing a Coin type, denoting the balance and denom returned by get_balance().

fn main() {
pub async fn get_balance(
    broadcaster: HttpClient,
    account: AccountId,
) -> anyhow::Result<BalanceResponse> {
    let balance = broadcaster
        .get_balance(&account, DEFAULT_DENOM.to_string())
    Ok(BalanceResponse {
        balance: Coin {
            amount: balance.amount,
            denom: balance.denom,
Last change: 2024-02-22, commit: eabb36b