Browser only

With the Typescript SDK you can run a Nym client in a webworker - meaning you can connect to the mixnet through the browser without having to worry about any other code than your web framework.

  • Oreowallet have integrated mixFetch into their browser-extension wallet to run transactions through the mixnet.

  • NoTrustVerify have set up an example application using mixFetch to fetch crypto prices from CoinGecko over the mixnet.

  • There is a coconut-scheme based Credential Library playground here. This is a WASM implementation of our Coconut libraries which generate raw Coconut credentials. Test it to create and re-randomize your own credentials. For more information on what is happening here check out the Coconut docs.

  • You can find a browser-based ‘hello world’ chat app here. Either open in two browser windows and send messages to yourself, or share with a friend and send messages to each other through the mixnet.