Below are listed some points which may need to be addressed when testing NymVPN alpha. If you crashed into any errors which are not listed, please contact us at the testing workshop or in the NymVPN Matrix channel.

Running GUI failed due to TOML parse error

If you see this error when running NymVPN alpha desktop, it’s because the older versions needed entry location in config.toml configuration file. From v0.0.3 the entry location is selected directly by the user in the application. This error is due to an old app-data.toml config in your computer.

2024-02-15T14:25:02.745331Z ERROR read: nym_vpn_desktop::fs::storage: TOML parse error at line 5, column 1
5 | [entry_node_location]
  | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
wanted exactly 1 element, more than 1 element
 self=AppStorage { data: AppData { monitoring: None, autoconnect: None, killswitch: None, entry_location_selector: None, ui_theme: None, ui_root_font_size: None, vpn_mode: None, entry_node_location: None, exit_node_location: None }, dir_path: "/home/companero/.local/share/nym-vpn", filename: "app-data.toml", full_path: "/home/companero/.local/share/nym-vpn/app-data.toml" }
Error: TOML parse error at line 5, column 1
5 | [entry_node_location]
  | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
wanted exactly 1 element, more than 1 element

Simply delete this file app-data.toml from the path listed in the error message. In the example above it would be /home/companero/.local/share/nym-vpn/app-data.toml.

The application will create a new one on startup.

Thread main panicked

If you see a message like:

thread 'main' panicked at /Users/runner/.cargo/git/checkouts/mullvadvpn-app-a575cf705b5dfd76/ccfbaa2/talpid-routing/src/

Restart your wifi connection and start again.

MacOS alert on NymVPN UI startup

If you are running NymVPN on mac OS for the first time, you may see this alert message:

  1. Head to System Settings -> Privacy & Security and click Allow anyway

  1. Confirm with your password or TouchID

  2. Possibly you may have to confirm again upon running the application

Missing jq error

In case of missing jq on Linux (Debian) install it with:

# Linux (Debian)
sudo apt-get install jq
# macOS
brew install jq

On some Linux distributions however the script returns jq error even if your system claims that jq is already the newest version. In that case, comment the jq check in the script as follows:

#if ! command -v jq &>/dev/null; then
#    echo "jq is not installed. Please install jq to proceed."
#    exit 1

Error current_time: not found

When running sudo sh ./ you may see an error like: 93: current_time: not found. This has something to do with the current_time setup of your system and on itself shall not have a negative impact on the test. It has nothing to do with the client at all as it only relates to the code in our testing script.

Not connecting to the endpoint

In case the automatic download of all the Gateways fail (and it shouldn’t), you do an easy manual work around:

  1. Open the list of Gateways created by API here
  2. On top click on JSON option (shall be default view) and Save
  3. Save it as data.json to the nym-vpn-tests folder
  4. Replace line 3 in the script with:
  1. In a new terminal window run:
python3 -m http.server 8000
  1. Continue with the steps listed in testing section
Last change: 2024-02-22, commit: eabb36b