Interacting with a Cosmos SDK Blockchain via the Mixnet with the Rust SDK

This tutorial is for Rust developers wanting to interact with the Rust SDK and take a first step at building a service with which to interact with a Cosmos SDK blockchain.

The key here is to think of the service as a proxy: it interacts with the blockchain on the client’s behalf, shielding the client from the Validator it interacts with, whilst also being shielded from the client by the mixnet.

This service also nicely highlights the limitations of the mixnet - even though with this code your metadata is shielded from the Validator, and even the service does not know your Nym address, application-level information such as a blockchain address is not made private, in virtue of the fact that using the mixnet provides solely network-level privacy. For information on what application-level privacy Nym offers, check out the coconut credential SDK example.

Last change: 2024-02-22, commit: eabb36b