NymConnect Beta (GUI)

NymConnect is a one-button GUI application that wraps around the nym-socks5-client for proxying application traffic through the Mixnet.

You can watch our video on getting started with NymConnect:

Install NymConnect and select an application that you want to privacy-enhance from the dropdown menu. For now, NymConnect can be used with Electrum Wallet, Keybase, desktop Telegram and Blockstream Green. Configure these to run via a SOCKS5 proxy and send their data through the Nym mixnet!

Please note that NymConnect is currently released in beta. Please report bugs via Github.

Usage instuctions

  • Download and install NymConnect.
  • Select your service provider from the dropdown menu.
  • Click connect - NymConnect will connect to a service provider and its SOCKS Proxy (IP) and Port will be displayed.
  • Click on IP or Port to copy their values to the clipboard.
  • Go to your app settings and look for the network/proxy settings. Select running via SOCKS5 proxy and paste the IP and Port values given by NymConnect.

Your traffic from that application will now run through the mixnet for privacy and unlinkability!