NymVPN Command Line Interface (CLI)


Our alpha testing round is done with participants at live workshop events. This guide will not work for everyone, as the NymVPN source code is not yet publicly accessible. The alpha testing is done on Nym testnet Sandbox environment, this configuration is limited and will not work in the future.

If you commit to test NymVPN alpha, please start with the user research form where all the steps will be provided. If you disagree with any of the conditions listed, please leave this page.

NymVPN CLI is a fundamental way to run the client for different purposes, currently it is a must for users who want to run the testing scripts.

Follow the simple automated script below to install and run NymVPN CLI. If you prefer to do a manual setup follow the steps in the guide for Linux or MacOS.

Automated Script for CLI Installation

We wrote a script which does download of the CLI, sha256 verification, extraction, installation and configuration for Linux and MacOS users automatically following the steps below:

  1. Open a terminal window in a directory where you want the script and NymVPN CLI binary be downloaded and run
curl -o execute-nym-vpn-cli-binary.sh -L https://gist.githubusercontent.com/serinko/d65450653d6bbafacbcee71c9cb8fb31/raw/0cbcdd18f7ee94f559692b936061248ebbbf2773/execute-nym-vpn-cli-binary.sh
  1. Make the script executable
chmod u+x execute-nym-vpn-cli-binary.sh
  1. Start the script, turn off any VPN and run
sudo -E ./execute-nym-vpn-cli-binary.sh
  1. Follow the prompts in the program

  2. The script will automatically start the client. Make sure to turn off any other VPNs and follow the prompts:

  • It prints a JSON view of existing Gateways and prompt you to:
    • Make sure to use two different Gateways for entry and exit!
    • enter a gateway ID: paste one of the values labeled with a key "identityKey" printed above (without " ")
    • enter an exit address: paste one of the values labeled with a key "address" printed above (without " ")
    • do you want five hop or two hop?: type five or two
    • enable WireGuard? (yes/no): if you chose yes, find your private key and wireguard IP here

To run nym-vpn-cli again, reconnect your wifi, move to the directory of your CLI binary cd ~/nym-vpn-cli-dir and follow the guide for Linux or MacOS. If you find it too difficult, just run this script again - like in step #3 above.

In case of errors check out the troubleshooting section.

Last change: 2024-02-22, commit: eabb36b