Sandbox Testnet

Nym node operators can run their nodes in Nym Sandbox testnet environment. Whether it’s testing new configuration, hot features from Nym developers or just trying to setup a node for the first time, this environment is for you.

Below are steps to setup your environment and an introduction to Sandbox token faucet.

This page is for Nym node operators. If you want to run NymVPN CLI over Sandbox testnet, visit our developers portal.

Sandbox Environment Setup

Any syntax in <> brackets is a user’s unique variable. Exchange with a corresponding name without the <> brackets.

To run Nym binaries in Sandbox testnet, you need to get sandbox.env configuration file and point your binary to it. Follow the steps below:

  1. Create Sandbox environment config file by saving this as sandbox.env in the same directory as your binaries:
curl -o sandbox.env -L

# In case you want to save the file elswhere, change the path in '-o' flag
  1. Run your nym-node with an additional flag -c or --config-env-file with a path to sandbox.env file followed by all needed commands and options. For example:
# this example is for nym-node in mixnode mode
./nym-node --config-env-file <PATH/TO/>sandbox.env run --mode mixnode

# this example is for nym-node in exit-gateway mode
./nym-node --config-file-env <PATH/TO/>sandbox.env run --mode exit-gateway --id <ID> --public-ips "$(curl -4" --hostname "<YOUR_DOMAIN>" --http-bind-address --mixnet-bind-address true --location <COUNTRY_FULL_NAME>

# In case you downloaded sandbox.env to the same directory, <PATH> is not needed
  1. Bond your node to Nym Sandbox environment:


  1. If you built Nym from source, you already have sandbox.env as a part of the monorepo (nym/envs/sandbox.env). Giving that you are likely to run nym-node from nym/target/release, the flag will look like this --config-env-file ../../envs/sandbox.env

  2. You can export the path to sandbox.env to your enviromental variables:


Sandbox Token Faucet

To run your nodes in Sandbox environment, you need testnet version of NYM token, that can be aquired from

To prevent abuse, the faucet is rate-limited - your request will fail if the requesting wallet already has 101 NYM tokens.