Pre-built Binaries

The Github releases page has pre-built binaries which should work on Ubuntu 20.04 and other Debian-based systems, but at this stage cannot be guaranteed to work everywhere.

If the pre-built binaries don’t work or are unavailable for your system, you will need to build the platform yourself.

Setup Binaries

Any syntax in <> brackets is a user’s unique variable. Exchange with a corresponding name without the <> brackets.

Download Binary

  1. Open Github releases page and right click on the binary you want
  2. Select Copy Link
  3. Open your VPS terminal in a directory where you want to download Nym binaries.
  4. Download binary by running wget <BINARY_LINK> where <BINARY_LINK> shall be in your clipboard from point # 2.

Make Executable

  1. Run command:
chmod +x <BINARY>
# for example: chmod +x nym-mixnode

Run Binary

Now you can use your binary, initialise and run your Nym Node. Follow the guide according to the type of your binary.

Node setup and usage guides: