Where to host your nym-node?


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Inspired by a valuable resource, done by Tor community - Good Bad ISPs, LunarDAO squad initiated a table customised for Nym Exit Gateways operators.

This ISP list is fully managed by Nym operator community and it serves as a space to share their experience of running Exit Gateways on various Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The ISPs greatly differ in regards to services they offer as well as to their openess of hosting exit routing software.

Please share any experiences running a node like policies, complains, legal issues and solutions, discrepancy between offers and reality (bandwidth, IP range, locations) or anything regarding pricing or customer support.

If you came across any legal findings, please share them in our list of jurisdictions.

While we trust that Nym node operators are honest, we would like to ask everyone to do your own research.

To edit or add information to the ISP list, make changes to the csv file located here and submit your edits as a pull request according to this guide.

As of now the list is quite short. When it grows, we can divide it according the localities of the listed ISPs.

ISPLocationsPublic IPv6Crypto PaymentsCommentsLast Updated
BitLaunchCanada, USA, UKNoYesExpensive. Digial Ocean through BitLanch has IPv605/2024
Cherry ServersLithuania, Netherlands, USA, SingaporeNoYesIssued IP doesn’t match the location offered by the provider.05/2024
FlokinetNetherlands, Iceland, Romania,FranceYes, needs a ticket and custom setupyes, including XMRVery slow customer support05/2024
HostSailorUSAYes, based on ticketYesThe IPv6 setup needs custom research and is not documented05/2024
HostingerFrance, Lithuania, India, USA, BrazilYes, out of the boxYesCrypto payments must be done per each server monthly or annually.05/2024
IsHostingBrazil, NetherlandsYes, based on ticketYesExpensive05/2024
LinodeUSA, Canada, Japan, India, Indonesia, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, France, UK, Australia, ItalyYes out of the boxNo, only through BitLAunchIPv6 sometimes need to be re-added in Networking tab, no reboot needed05/2024
MisakaSouth AfricaYes, native supportNoVery Expensive05/2024
NjallaSwedenYesYesPrivacy vandguards! The biggest VPS 45 is 3 cores only, but it works better than many “larger” servers on the market.05/2024