This is Nym’s Operators guide, containing information and setup guides for the various pieces of Nym Mixnet infrastructure and Nyx blockchain validators.

                      ┌─►mix──┐  mix     mix
                      │       │
            Entry     │       │                   Exit
client ───► Gateway ──┘  mix  │  mix  ┌─►mix ───► Gateway ───► internet
                              │       │
                              │       │
                         mix  └─►mix──┘  mix

If you are new to Nym and want to learn about the Mixnet, explore kickstart options and demos, learn how to integrate with the network, and follow developer tutorials check out the Developer Portal.

If you want to dive deeper into Nym’s architecture, clients, nodes, and SDK examples visit the technical docs.

Binary Information

Node setup and usage guides:

Maintenance, troubleshooting and FAQ

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