Terms and Conditions

With nym-node version 1.1.3, NymTech SA introduced Operators Terms & Conditions for operators who want their nodes to become a part of the active set of Nym Mixnet.

There has been a long ongoing discussion whether and how to apply Terms and Conditions for Nym network operators, with an aim to stay aligned with the philosophy of Free Software and provide legal defense for both node operators and Nym developers. To understand better the reasoning behind this decision, you can listen to the first Nym Operator Town Hall introducing the T&Cs or to Operator AMA with CEO Harry Halpin from June 4th, 2024, explaining pros and cons of T&Cs implementation.

Accepting T&Cs is done via an explicit flag --accept-operator-terms-and-conditions added to nym-node run command.

More information on how to setup your node or check whether any node has T&C accepted can be found in nym-node setup guide.