Node Setup for Performance Testing Event

To join the Performance testing event node operators need to do proceed with the following tasks:

  1. Sign their node into the testing environment
  2. Configure their node for the test
  3. (Not mandatory) Setup metric monitoring system to observe node performance at any time

Node Configuration

Any syntax in <> brackets is a user’s unique variable/version. Exchange with a corresponding name without the <> brackets.

After you signed your node (or several) into the Performance testing environment, open the machine with (each of) your nodes and follow the steps below to configure your node for the event.

1. Download and upgrade to v2024.2-fast-and-furious-v2 binary

  • Download the binary from Nym release page (use wget or curl and binary download URL, don’t compile from master)
  • Follow the steps to upgrade node on the maintenance page
  • Before you re-start your node, follow the steps below

2. If you run nym-gateway proceed with these steps. If not, go to the next point

  • Make sure to have your nym-gateway setup as Nym Exit Gateway following the commands here
  • Enable [ip_packet_router] (IPR) in your ~/.nym/gateways/*/config/config.toml and IPv4 and IPv6 with this script by running the two command below
# command to enable IPR
./nym-gateway setup-ip-packet-router --id <GATEWAY_ID> --enabled true

# script to enable IPv4 and IPv6
curl -o -L && chmod u+x && sudo ./

3. Restart your node with root privileges

  • Either in a root shell or with sudo -E command
  • In case you run your node as a systemd service make sure to run systemctl daemon-reload before the service restart


If you come to any errors during the setup see troubleshooting page related to Mix Nodes and Gateways. In case your issue isn’t documented ask in our Element Node Operators channel or raise an issue on Github.

Last change: 2024-04-11, commit: f978552