Using Your Client

Proxying traffic

After completing the steps above, your local nym-socks5-client will be listening on localhost:1080 ready to proxy traffic to the Network Requester set as the --provider when initialising.

When trying to connect your app, generally the proxy settings are found in settings->advanced or settings->connection.

Here is an example of setting the proxy connecting in Blockstream Green:

Blockstream Green settings

Most wallets and other applications will work basically the same way: find the network proxy settings, enter the proxy url (host: localhost, port: 1080).

In some other applications, this might be written as localhost:1080 if there’s only one proxy entry field.

Supported Applications

Any application which can be redirected over Socks5 proxy should work. Nym community has been successfully running over Nym Mixnet these applications:

  • Bitcoin Electrum wallet
  • Monero wallet (GUI and CLI with monerod)
  • Telegram chat
  • Element/Matrix chat
  • Firo wallet
  • Blockstream Green

DarkFi’s ircd chat was previously supported: they have moved to DarkIrc: whether the existing integration work is still operational needs to be tested.

Keep in mind that Nym has been developing a new client NymVPN (GUI and CLI) routing all users traffic through the Mixnet.

Further reading

If you want to dig more into the architecture and use of the socks5 client check out its documentation here.