Stub: Updates Coming Soon!

There is a lot of development work ongoing with our clients; as such the old tutorials that were here got quite out of date.

However, you can still access the old tutorial codebases as well as the markdown files in the tutorial-archives/ directory in the developer portal docs repo if you want.

More up to date tutorials will be coming soon for using RPC and gRPC, mixfetch, as well as using the FFI libraries for interacting with the Mixnet via C++ and Go.

Developers who are searching for example code can use the following list as the current ‘best practices’:

  • Generic traffic transport: the zcash-rpc-demo repo, although here used to only pipe RPC traffic, is a proof of concept ‘generic’ mixnet piping example which exposes a TPC Socket on the client side for incoming traffic, pipes this through the mixnet, and then streams TCP packets ‘out’ the other side.
  • In-browser usage: see the browser examples page for examples using mixFetch.