Shipyard Level 3

Welcome to level 3 of Nym Shipyard. You have reached Nymja stage and are now no longer Nymsters. This level is all about doing something practical with your new skills! Level 3 will enable you to become a qualified Operator, Builder and Visionary - propelling Nym and the internet into a new era of strong privacy and real world value for the digital realm. This final stage has a phenomenal line-up of guest speakers: Chelsea Manning (Nym), Naomi Brockwell, Alex Pruden (Aleo) and Darkfi and more…
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For privacy-minded creatives working on novel ways to build Nym’s global community, lead the movement for privacy and develop new narratives for the private internet. This track will focus on use-cases, stories and memetics. Become a Nymja ambassador, set up privacy squads and create an impact proposal for funding.

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Become a top-notch Nym node operator and qualify as candidate for the official delegations program. Start your own operator business, spin up a node for social good and donate your rewards, or simply for community and global privacy. The best nodes will qualify for major official delegations to boost stake saturation and begin earning rewards.

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For privacy-preserving app wizards: build on Nym using mixfetch, the Nym SDKs and create new tooling to help the infrastructure grow. Learn about the architecture from Nym Head of Engineering Mark Sinclair and introductions to the SDKs from the Developer Relations team. Best projects win bounty rewards. Jury includes Harry Halpin, Chelsea Manning and Darkfi.

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Learn the Nym terminology

The glossary lists and explains the Nym concepts and words in alphabetic order so that you can easily look them up whenever needed.

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Nym Shipyard is a six week online privacy academy, training keen minds on how to contribute solving some of the hardest privacy problems online.

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