Visionary track

Level 3

For privacy-minded creatives working on novel ways to build Nym’s global community, lead the movement for privacy and develop new narratives for the private internet. This track will focus on use-cases, stories and memetics. Become a Nymja ambassador, set up privacy squads and create an impact proposal for funding.
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Week 1

Welcome to the Visionary Track!

Monday 6 Nov

3-4pm UTC

Introducing Nym Shipyard Level 3

  • with Sudo and Jaya Klara Brekke

Hardware Optimization for Cryptography-based Applications: Navigating ARM64, RISC-V, and AMD/Xilinx architectures

  • with Chelsea Manning

4-5pm UTC

Nymja advocacy 101 (How to contribute to Nym meaningfully)

  • With Mykola Siusko

Thursday 9 Nov

3-4pm UTC

Nymja squad ops and RFPs

  • With Huxian and Mykola and Nymjas: zkDen, Micryptomundo, supermeia, Huxian and Mykola

Key Concepts


An ambassador advocating for Nym, striving to ensure active community engagement whether online or offline, on the global stage or in their local community.

Nymja Cadet

Junior ambassadors at the start of their Nym journey, on track to prove their chops to become a qualified Nymja.


A group of friends, associates, or comrades collectively advocating for Nym - to build, operate, or inspire the future private internet together.

Nymja role

The specific skill-set or specialism each Nymja or Cadet can contribute whether it's as a developer, a content creator, a community builder, event manager, or mixnode runner.

Valuable contribution

This is the mark of high-impact Nymja action that aligns with Nym's mission and helps Nym to scale organically - that could be growing the number of people in a community, setting up new mix nodes, or expanding developer activity.

Think the exact opposite of a generic contribution that mentions the Nym brand or concept, but fails to attract new audiences, or engage people in a meaningful way.

Nym brand assets

Visual materials available to all, in order to download, use, and scale Nym content engagement. Helps Nymjas & Cadets boost brand storytelling for Nym, and really stand out from the crowd on social media.


Fostering a healthy culture of collective action, where Nymjas work hand in hand with global and local teams to advance the Nym mission.

Community building

The responsibility of Nymjas to onboard, nurture and grow local communities everywhere from Vietnam to Ukraine and beyond. Helping local people embrace Nym technology from the Wallet to NymVPN - running events and localising core material.


Incentives that Nymjas can earn for actively contributing to Nym. These can vary from financial rewards to access to the Innovation Fund or even hiring opportunities.


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