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Nym is a project to break surveillance’s stranglehold on the internet.


The Internet today is vulnerable to the profit-driven surveillance of users by corporations. Yet privacy-enhancing technologies can enable everyone to communicate privately and securely without being spied upon, even by nation-states which can observe the entire Internet.

The purpose of Nym is to develop the infrastructure necessary to give the oppressed the freedom to communicate and organise without giving up on privacy. Nym is building a decentralized authentication and payment protocol which will enable developers to build their own sustainable privacy-enhanced services without relying on the surveillance of users.

Nym is partnering with the stealth startup Kryptik to release a mixnet which has superior privacy properties to Tor against global passive adversaries. This mixnet is the culmination of years of academic research into surveillance proof networking by the PANORAMIX project.

Nym can also enable services such as decentralized secure messaging and private cryptocurrency transactions, without leaking metadata such as who is communicating with who… and when.

Let the present order tremble at a cryptographic revolution. The users have nothing to lose but their chains. We have a world to win.

The NYM protocol is a powerful privacy-enhanced authentication protocol which allows users to embed arbitrary attributes in decentralized, unlinkable (re-randomizable), and publicly verifiable credentials.

The NYM protocol provides users and service providers with a private and decentralized replacement for Facebook Connect and Google Sign-In. ‍ Our partners are already building a number of powerful NYM-enabled apps.


built by Kryptik

The mixnet sends all network traffic through layers of mix-nodes, using the Sphinx packet format (also used in the Lightning Network) so that all packets of data are the same size and routing information is kept private.

Each mix-node in the network delays the messages and generates fake “dummy messages” to create a uniform pattern of traffic which obfuscates patterns for adversaries observing the network. Future use-cases include serving as a “decentralized VPN”.


Built by Autonomous Polytechnics Group

A cross-platform experimental wallet supporting Mimblewimble, and potentially other privacy-enhanced cryptocurrencies including Monero and Zcash.

The wallet supports the mixnet automatically by default to provide privacy on the p2p level.

Integration with the NYM protocol is in progress in order to enable privacy-enhanced authentication for other privacy enhanced services like secure messaging.

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kryptik scientific board

George Danezis

Scientific Advisor

Chief Scientist at Chainspace, Professor of Security and Privacy Engineering at University College London

Harry Halpin

Chief Scientist and Chair of Board

Senior Research Scientist at Inria and Socio-technical Systems Research Center at MIT

Aggelos Kiayias

Scientific Advisor

Chief Scientist at IOHK, Chair in Cyber Security and Privacy at University of Edinburgh

kryptik mixnet board

Mitali Routh

Director of Administration and Human Resources

Ph.D. Duke University

Elijah Sparrow


Riseup Labs, Ex-Thoughtworks

NYM Technologies

Annie Banasik

Blockchain Developer

BSc., Kings College London

Jonathan King

Research and Communications


Vincent Mignon

Legal Counsel


Jedrzej Stuczynski

Lead Developer

MSc., University College London

Amir Taaki

Lead Wallet Developer

Autonomous Polytechnics Group

Fabian Wey

Director of Operations

Privacy Activist


Seven years ago, during the Tunisian revolution, people were killed, tortured and put in jail because they were relying on insecure tools to communicate and organize the movement. Today, people are still relying on the same tools because we can’t find better ones. Everyone, but most importantly activists, have an urgent need for a revolutionary project like NYM where we can communicate without fear. To build a democracy we must first fight surveillance and there is one way to do it: anonymously.

Iness Ben Guirat
Tunisian activist

An open and free internet requires privacy as a native property. The NYM protocol, created by an all-star team of privacy researchers, is the best way to achieve that. We are proud supporters of what they are doing.

Teck Chia
Partner at Binance Labs

Identity is one of the key roadblocks for blockchains to achieve large scale adoption. But it’s also a potential privacy nightmare. NYM is the project that can offer an identity solution that truly respects our rights to privacy.

Lasse Clausen
General Partner at 1kx

The PANORAMIX project has turned two decades of research into mixnets into an implementation that makes secure and anonymous messaging a reality. Its design integrates state-of-the-art techniques to provide strong security and privacy properties as well as novel features such as tuneable latency and reliable delivery of messages. It represents a substantial step forward in the development of practical anonymity systems as it is by far the most advanced existing mixnet codebase.

Claudia Diaz
Professor at KU Leuven

Systems Labs

Privacy is an essential challenge for every blockchain and cryptocurrency project. Despite lots of progress in ZK proof techniques for transaction graph privacy, network level privacy remains an open problem. Mix-Nets are a promising approach for this, and so the work NYM is doing on making mix-nets practical for blockchain applications is really important.

Andrew Miller
Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Decentralized identity is one of the greatest challenges facing the “web of transactions” because without it there will be continually increasing rates of fraud and cyberattack. NYM provides what is perhaps the first really secure authentication system for identity.

Alex Pentland
Professor at MIT

Mass Surveillance is like radioactivity. You only feel it when it is too late.

Alexis Roussel
CEO at

We are finding ourselves being ushered into a 1984 hive mind world where our dreams, loves and weaknesses are nothing more than dossiers up for trade by corporate and government interests. It’s time we started to lay the road to alternative futures; incentivised, decentralised mixnets are a critical piece of the puzzle. With Substrate and Polkadot, I look forward to collaborating with Harry and his team to build the Web that the human race not just deserves, but needs.

Gavin Wood
President at Web 3 Foundation