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Node Operators

Incentivized Testnet

The Nym protocol will allow operators to run mixnodes and gateways in the network and earn rewards. If you are interested in running a Nym node follow instructions on how to join Nym testnet Finney.

The Nym System

There currently exists no functioning protocol that can provide strong guarantees against the leakage and harvesting of metadata – for instance, data regarding the timing of communication, and the graph of who is communicating. Nym is an open-source, decentralized, permissionless and incentivized system that provides full-stack privacy, allowing developers to build applications that provide users with strong guarantees against metadata surveillance, at both the level of network traffic, and the level of authentication and payments.

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How does Nym compare to VPNs?

The most popular network-level privacy solution currently is the VPN (virtual private network), which provides network-level protection via an encrypted tunnel between a user’s computer and one run by a VPN provider. VPNs are often misconfigured, however, and even when configured correctly, don’t offer real privacy or adequate resistance to censorship.

VPN providers can also fully observe all network traffic between users and the public internet, knowing exactly what services its users are accessing at a given time. The user must trust that the VPN provider is not using their information in a malicious manner or keeping logs.

The Nym mixnet is an anonymous overlay network that provides strong network-level anonymity, even in the face of powerful systems capable of passively monitoring the entire network. The mixnet is decentralized, with no trusted third parties, and so does not require a trusted provider like a VPN. More importantly, Nym provides superior privacy to VPNs and can support high-quality of service and low latency through incentives.

The Team

Harry Halpin
CEO and Chairman of Scientific Board
Dave Hrycyszyn
Chief Technology Officer
Claudia Diaz
Chief Scientist
Ania Piotrowska
Head of Research
Alfredo Rial
Jess Hrycyszyn
Head of Product & Partnerships
Jedrzej Stuczynski
Alexis Roussel
Chief Operating Officer
Dražen Urch
Bogdan Neacșu
Theo Goodman
Community manager
Shane Qiu
Head of Growth - Asia
Marina Petrichenko
Head of Growth - Europe
Jaya Klara Brekke
Writer and strategist

Pablo Camus
Graphic Designer

Max Hampshire
Technical Writer

Hans Bricks
Technical Support

Simon Wicky

Alexis Portmann


Nym version 0.10.0 and testnet Finney

Introducing Nym's latest version and how to join Testnet Finney

An empirical study of privacy, scalability, and latency of Nym mixnet

In this post we deep dive into anonimity, scalability and latency of the Nym mixnet

Nym network status

Network update and the Sybil attack

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Release notes of Nym's latest version

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Defeating the Five Eyes surveillance

To defeat Five Eyes Surveillance, you’ll need the Privacy Properties of the Nym mixnet

A day to remember! Nym launches its validators

Nym launches its decentralized validators to defend the world's largest mixnet from censorship

HOPR Network Design Flaws

A system analysis of a P2P privacy network and its security vulnerabilities

Nym Incentivized Testnet Update

Two weeks since phase 0 of Nym testnet and we are 20x larger than we started.

Nym v0.8.0 Released

Our biggest release with focus on mixnet reliability, new privacy features, and ease-of-use is out!

VPNs, Tor, I2P — how does Nym compare?

Techniques to enhance privacy on the network level and how they compare to Nym.

Nym’s Coconut Credentials — An Overview

A plain-English guide to selective disclosure blind issuance cryptographic credentials!

How Nym improves on traditional mixnet designs?

The goal of anonymous communication networks is to make any packet of data sent across the internet indistinguishable from other packets.

A simple introduction to mixnets

Here’s how mixnets work, described in a lucid non-technical way.

Sphinx: The anonymous data format behind Lightning and Nym

Sphinx is an anonymous cryptographic packet format without precedent. This is how it works its magic.

Nym Mix-Node Release (v0.3.2)

A new version of Nym is out!

Happy birthday, Bitcoin. Hello world, Nym Mixnet

On the 11th anniversary of the mining of the first block of Bitcoin, we’re announcing the launch of the Nym alpha Mixnet testnet.

Nym litepaper launch

The litepaper describes, in less detail than our full scientific whitepaper, the components and operation of the Nym network

This is how you end the Faceopticon

The global identity system Facebook is building can be stopped

An Introduction to the Nym Technologies Team

Nym is being developed by some of Europe’s most established coders and researchers in privacy-enhancing technologies.

Nym is leaving stealth mode

It’s clear that internet privacy has never been weaker, but … the ground is ripe for change. Nym is excited to be taking the first steps.

Libra is blockchain virtue-signalling at its worst

From Nym’s perspective, there are two main problems with Facebook’s assertions that Libra will be decentralized and private.


Claudia Díaz | Experta en Criptografía - Mixnets - Tor y Privacidad

Academia Blockchain in discussion with Claudia Diaz on Mixnets, Tor and Privacy

Service de l'économie du Canton de Neuchâtel

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Harry Halpin - Monero Talk, December 2019

An Introduction to Privacy and Anonymous Communication: A Hands-On Workshop

Dave Hrycyszyn and Ania Piotrowska at Devcon, October 2019

Nym Privacy Workshop

Harry Halpin, Claudia Diaz, Dave Hrycyszyn, Jess Hrycyszyn and Jedrzej Stuczynski at ETHBerlin, August 2019

Fireside Chat at Web3 Summit

Gian Volpicelli, Harry Halpin, Richard Stallman and Naomi Colvin, August 2019

Network-Layer Anonymity for Privacy-Enhanced Dapps

Claudia Diaz at DAPPCON, August 2019

Fighting back against Libra: Decentralizing Facebook Connect

Harry Halpin at Chaos Communication Camp, August 2019

Anonymity loves company, and funding

Claudia Diaz and Harry Halpin at CPDP 2019

Privacy technologies

Claudia Diaz at COSIC, KU Leuven 2019

An Introduction to Nym

Theo Goodman at Ethereum Meetup, January 2020

Nym in news

Cryptonews: Crypto Privacy Is a Financial Tonic to Government Intervention

Cronavirus pandemic and the rise in call for privacy technology

Cointelegraph: Nym Blockchain Privacy Mixnet Opens for User Testing

Nym Technologies, invites the general public to take part in the next phase of its mixnet platform’s user testing.

Coindesk: Cypherpunk Harry Halpin takes on Davos

Harry Halpin speaks to CoinDesk's Leigh Cuen in Davos, about the World Economic Forum, privacy and the future of blockchain.

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Libra wants to be far more than simply your internet money...

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Privacy-focused Nym Technologies unveils new code for its decentralized identity system

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A privacy-centric startup has turned to a private token sale to raise $2.5 million

Wired: Nym Technologes and Chainspace…

Both Nym Technologies and Chainspace are the products of the genius of George Danezis

Coindesk: This Binance Labs-Backed Crypto Startup…

Nym's objective is “to anonymize the world.”

The Telegraph: More on the team behind Nym…

Nym's team now includes former Chainspace chief executive, and co-founder


Crypto 101: Taking power back from Governments

Harry Halpin discusses why he is involved in privacy preserving technologies, and cryptocurrencies and unpacks the anti-encryption bill called the EARN IT bill.

ideaXme: Hyper-Digial Connection - Dr. Shima Beigi interviews Harry Halpin

Threats & opportunities of hyper-digital connection in the time of COVID-19

Block Digest: Special Edition with Harry Halpin

The cypherpunk trifecta: network-level privacy, uncensorable electronic cash and a way to prove things anonymously, are discussed with Harry Halpin in this podcast.

Station F: How Europe is building a privacy-first ecosystem to rival Silicon Valley!

Many people naturally associate blockchain to cryptocurrency but many interesting blockchain use cases exist beyond crypto and that's what we explore in this podcast.

Zero Knowledge: Mixnets and privacy technology with Claudia Diaz from Nym

Claudia Diaz, Chief Scientist at Nym talks about mixnets, the history of privacy technology and how there may be opportunities for new privacy tech in this post-pandemic world.

New Money Review: Big Brother hasn't won—yet

In an interview with New Money Review podcast, Dave Hrycyszyn, co-founder and CTO at Nym, talks about the battle for internet privacy in an era of mass surveillance.

Relay Chain: Privacy in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism, with Nym's Claudia Diaz

What is the role of privacy in the modern age, and how do we go about protecting it?

Anchor: Privacy and Anonymity

Claudia Diaz in discussion with Lunaticoin podcast - In Spanish.



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