To enable digital privacy for all humanity.
Privacy is the key to ensuring dignity, security and the freedom of societies to develop in a direction of their own choice.
Nym technologies ensures privacy in the age of datafication and AI by making advanced privacy preserving software available to developers and end users.


Nym creates outstanding privacy software that is legally compliant without sacrificing integrity or having any backdoors.



To enable privacy for everyone.

The Nym mixnet is operated by a decentralised community of node operators and stakers. Nym relies on a growing ecosystem of users, developers and researcher partners aligned with the mission to make sure Nym software is running, remains usable and solves real problems.



To prevent operators from selling the customer

Where relevant, Nym software incorporates a token to ensure the economic sustainability of operators so that there is no incentive to ‘sell the customer’.



To validate the quality and security of the software.

All Nym software is open source so that it can be audited by anyone. This is essential for enabling peer contribution and validation, ensuring that it is secure and of the highest quality.



To ensure the availability of privacy.

You do not need anyone’s permission to run Nym software. Anyone can make use of the libraries or spin up a Nym node and contribute to providing privacy by running the Nym mixnet.



To ensure privacy by default.

The Nym mixnet is trustless, meaning that no parts of the system nor its operators have access to information that might compromise the privacy of users. Nym software enacts a strict principle of data minimisation and has no back doors.

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Nym node operators are the core of the privacy system. Set up a node, help operate Nym and earn token rewards.

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