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Privacy as the default
Fix the broken internet

Privacy as the default

Privacy is a human right. In the age of AI, it is more crucial than ever to guarantee digital privacy to everyone, everywhere.

Build in squads
Find your tribe

Build in squads

We are a diverse community with many different talents, languages and cultures. Find your tribe and co-create the future of private internet together with us!

Run Nym nodes
Operate privacy infrastructure

Run Nym nodes

The Nym mixnet is the most advanced decentralized privacy infrastructure today. It is operated by you, The Community - anyone can run a node and receive mix mining rewards.


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Community calls

Join our weekly sessions to connect and learn with peers from around the globe. The State of Privacy, weekly Nym community calls are a platform to discuss latest privacy trends and to discover exciting new projects through Nym allies.

Apart from the weekly community calls, we also host regular AMAs related to the latest updates around Nym.

Keep an eye out on our socials to see when the next one is on

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Community news

Nym Squad League

The Nym Squad League is a framework to enable you to contribute to the mission of Nym.

The League is powered by the Squad Wealth Fund, a growing pool of NYM tokens accrued via the Nym Delegations Program.



This is where your journey starts! Everyone is welcome to the Nym Squad League!

Become a Nymster to:

  • Join Nym community squads
  • Learn about Nym and earn rewards
  • Participate in exclusive contests, missions, raffles and more
Register as Nymster


The inner circle of the Nym community. Nymjas are the trusted contributors towards a vision of global privacy.

Level up from Nymster to Nymja to:

  • Form new squads
  • Access seasonal grants, special missions and receive bounties
  • Participate in community governance!


The elder council of OG contributors. Shinobis are a clandestine group of hand-picked contributors stewarding the NSL.

Invitation only for exceptional Nymjas.

The Way of The Nymja - Open Calls

With the launch of Nym VPN, the eclipse is upon us! To harness its magical power and change the world once and for all, Nymsters, Nymjas and Shinobis are gathering around the world and making preparations.

Key objectives

  • Readying the Nym mainnet for the launch of NymVPN
  • Testing NymVPN with different audiences
  • Building new tools for the Nym ecosystem
  • Grow and strengthen the Nym community

Squad Wealth Fund ~750K NYM

This is the estimated size of the fund by the end of Season 1. It is based on the funds carried over from Season 0, the current Nym network APY and the amount of NYM tokens staked as part of the Nym Delegations Program. Read more about the Squad Wealth Fund here.

What’s new this season

Nymsters welcome! Starting with this season, NSL is open for anyone to join. In order to register, introduce yourself on a Nym community channel and collect a POAP by attending a Nym event. As a Nymster, you can compete for achievements and points to redeem NYM token rewards at the end each season!

Key missions and grants

We are counting on Nymjas, Shinobis and their squads to continue making an impact this season in the following areas:

  1. Decentralized CM and moderation: Following a successful closed pilot with select squads, this season any squad can apply for this grant to grow, manage and moderate Nym community channels. Grant amount: 15 000 NYM
  2. Building with Nym SDKs: Got an app, dApp, integration or tooling idea? Apply for a dev grant of up to 100K NYM and make it happen!
  3. Events: Organising talks, meet-ups, NymVPN testing workshops, as well as attending events to represent Nym are both welcome.
  4. Participating in co-designing NSL, and community governance: we are counting on the community to design and run community events and contests and participate in program governance and decision making.

Download the full report here to learn what we achieved together in the Sping season 1.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital realm, a clandestine force known as the Nymjas has emerged, weaving through the intricate web of the internet with a singular purpose — to safeguard the privacy of individuals worldwide.

What’s new this season

Season 0 was the beta period of Nym Squad League, where the contribution framework moved from theory to practice.

Download the full report here to learn what have we achieved together, during season 0.