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Nym Software

The Nym desktop wallet keeps your coins safe. You can also use the wallet to bond coins on a node and interact with it or delegate to other nodes.

In future releases, you will also be able to use the wallet to access the strong network privacy provided by the Nym mixnet.


Node Operators

Nym mixnet is a decentralized network of mixnodes and gateways run by node operators who will be rewarded for maintaining a good quality of service.

If you are interested in running a Nym node click on below button and follow instructions on our docs on how to join the network.

Run a Node


Validators maintain the Nym blockchain, they sign transactions and make sure everyone sees the same view of the network.

Nym Validators are not yet open to the public, but they will be in the mainnet where validators can join in a permissionless fashion.

Run a Validator


Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for developers to build on Nym or connect their existing applications to the Nym infrastructure for built-in privacy enhanced features.

If you are looking to ways to integrate your systems to Nym, follow below link for more details.

Build on Nym