Ledger Live Support

Use the following instructions to interact with the Nyx blockchain - either with deployed smart contracts, or just to send tokens - using your Ledger device to sign transactions.


  • Download and install Ledger Live.
  • Compile the nyxd binary as per the instructions here. Stop after you can successfully run nyxd and get the helptext in your console output.

Prepare your Ledger App

  • Plug in your Ledger device
  • Install the Cosmos (ATOM) app by following the instructions here. This app allows you to interact with any Cosmos SDK chain - you can manage your ATOM, OSMOSIS, NYM tokens, etc.
  • On the device, navigate to the Cosmos app and open it

Create a keypair

Add a reference to the ledger device on your local machine by running the following command in the same directory as your nyxd binary:

nyxd keys add ledger_account --ledger 

Command help with nyxd

More information about each command is available by consulting the help section (--help) at each layer of nyxd’s commands:

# logging top level command help
nyxd --help

# logging top level command help for transaction commands 
nyxd tx --help

# logging top level command help for transaction commands utilising the 'bank' module
nyxd tx bank --help

Sending tokens between addresses

Perform a transaction from the CLI with nyxd, appending the --ledger option to the command.

As an example, the below command will send 1 NYM from the ledger account to the $DESTINATION_ACCOUNT:

nyxd tx bank send ledger_account $DESTINATION_ACCOOUNT 1000000unym --ledger --node https://rpc.dev.nymte.ch:443

When a command is run, the transaction will appear on the Ledger device and will require physical confirmation from the device before being signed.

Nym-specific transactions

Nym-specific commands and queries, like bonding a mix node or delegating unvested tokens, are available in the wasm module, and follow the following pattern:

# Executing commands
nyxd tx wasm execute $CONTRACT_ADDRESS $JSON_MSG

# Querying the state of a smart contract 
nyxd query wasm contract-state smart $CONTRACT_ADDRESS $JSON_MSG

You can find the value of $CONTRACT_ADDRESS in the network defaults file.

The value of $JSON_MSG will be a blog of json formatted as defined for each command and query. You can find these definitions for the mixnet smart contract here and for the vesting contract here under ExecuteMsg and QueryMsg.

Example command execution:

Delegate to a mix node

You can delegate to a mix node from the CLI using nyxd and signing the transaction with your ledger by filling in the values of this example:


./nyxd tx wasm execute $CONTRACT_ADDRESS '{"delegate_to_mixnode":{"mix_identity":"MIX_NODE_IDENTITY","amount":{"amount":"100000000000","denom":"unym"}}}' --ledger --from admin --node https://rpc.dev.nymte.ch:443 --gas-prices 0.025unymt --gas auto -b block

By replacing the value of CONTRACT_ADDRESS with the address of the vesting contract, you could use the above command to use tokens held in the vesting contract.

Query a vesting schedule

You can query for (e.g.) seeing the current vesting period of an address by filling in the values of the following:


nyxd query wasm contract-state smart $CONTRACT_ADDRESS '{"get_current_vesting_period"}:{"address": "address_to_query_for"}' --ledger --from admin --node https://rpc.dev.nymte.ch:443 --chain-id qa-net --gas-prices 0.025unymt --gas auto -b block  
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