Binary Initialisation and Configuration

All Nym binaries must first be made executable and initialised with init before being run.

To make a binary executable, open terminal in the same directory and run:

chmod +x <BINARY_NAME> 
# for example: chmod +x nym-mixnode

The init command is usually where you pass flags specifying configuration arguments such as the gateway you wish to communicate with, the ports you wish your binary to listen on, etc.

The init command will also create the necessary keypairs and configuration files at ~/.nym/<BINARY_TYPE>/<BINARY_ID>/ if these files do not already exist. It will not overwrite existing keypairs if they are present.

You can reconfigure your binaries at any time by editing the config file located at ~/.nym/<BINARY_TYPE>/<BINARY_ID>/config/config.toml and restarting the binary process.

Once you have run init, you can start your binary with the run command, usually only accompanied by the id of the binary that you specified.

This id is never transmitted over the network, and is used to select which local config and key files to use for startup.