July 2023

The event will happen in les Verrieres, during “Le Paradigme Bitcoin”. Stay tuned, more details are coming soon!

June 2023

Come meet our team at the booth and attend an isightful workshops by Max Hampshire and Alfredo Rial

May 2023

Nym Head of Growth ( LATAM ) to give a presentation on “Nym: Enabling digital privacy and security for all humanity” and to run a workshop on “Nym onboard: Setup a Mixnode, protect your privacy using Nymconnect”

Come meet our team at the booth at Pav 4 and enjoy the presentation by Chelsea Manning + our masterclass! More info coming soon!

Don’t miss our panel on “Cloud money, data privacy and democracy - what is at stake and what can be done?” Speakers: Andres Arauz (Nym advisor and a former head of Central Bank of Ecuador), Ania Piotrowska (Head of Research, Nym) and Brett Scott (author of Cloud Money), moderated by Jaya Klara Brekke (CSO, Nym)

April 2023

Chelsea Manning will participate at the fireside chat moderated by Marta Belcher + Ahmed Ghappour will speak at the discussion panel

Come meet the team at the booth in the Blockchain Land zone and make sure not to miss out Chelsea Manning’s speech on: “AI, crypto and privacy - how to build for the next decade of the internet”

March 2023

Privacy and the future of French tech with Chelsea Manning

Joao ( Nym LATAM Community Manager ) will give a presentation on Privacy for Web3

Nym CTO Dave Hrycyszyn to give a presentation

Harry Halpin to give a presentation

Harry Halpin and Andrei Serjantov will give presentation on “Incentives and Censorship Resistance for Mixnets Revisited”

Harry Halpin and Chelsea Manning to have a fireside chat on digital identity and privacy

Join our 1st meetup in Belin on 10th of March!

February 2023

Join us during BUIDL WEEK to hear from web3 experts regarding the most pressing issues on privacy + building for it!

Meet our team at ETHDenver and don’t miss the presentation by Harry Halpin!

Jon Häggblad to give a presentation

Max Hampshire to give a presentation and run a workshop. The event is co-organized with Secret Network.

Jaya Bekke to speak at the discussion panel

January 2023

Daniel Vazquez to give a presentation about Nym

Alexis Roussel to speak at the panel: “Web 3.0 ground zero: digital identity and peer-to-peer communication systems”

Alexis Roussel to speak at the panel: “Topic of the panel:” On the ‘road to irrelevance: Why is crypto still relevant for institutions?

Alban Brisset to give a presentation on Nym

December 2022

Harry Halpin to speak on Web3 privacy panel

November 2022

Yana Matrosova to give a presentation on Nym

Alexis Roussel to give a presentation at IstanBlock. Nym Turkish Community meetup will follow after.

21st International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security Abu Dhabi, UAE

Max Hampshire to run a workshop: Connecting to the Nym Mixnet: Layer-0 Network Privacy for Wallets and Dapps

Harry Halpin to speak on: The Data Privacy In The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Harry Halpin to present his proposal

October 2022

Jaya Brekke to talk at The Universal Privacy Alliance panel: Privacy is our future

The Universal Privacy Alliance (UPA) launch event marks the inauguration of the UPA, an alliance focused on defending and educating the world on Internet and web3 privacy. Keynote by Edward Snowden.

Web3connect, exclusive blockchain conference in Geneva, Switzerland

Max Hampshire presenting the state of the Nym network

September 2022

Harry Halpin to give a presentation (online)

Jaya Klara Brekke as private sector representative at the roundtable on privacy and human rights

Fireside chat with Chelsea Manning and Jaya Klara Brekke

Keynote and DJ set by Chelsea Manning

AnonDrop Hackathon, keynote by Ahmed Ghappour and Harry Halpin, Security Leaders panel with Jaya Klara Brekke

August 2022

Come visit us at the Nym booth

July 2022

Nym sponsors PETS Symposium, come visit us at the virtual Nym booth

Ahmed Ghappour doing a workshop and panel: Plausible Deniability and Cryptocurrency Privacy

Alexis Roussel giving a presentation

June 2022

Alexis Roussel will be speaking at Cryptomonnaies

Lightning Session 1: Max Hampshire on Network-level Anonymity and Transaction Privacy using the Nym Mixnet

Alexis Roussel talks about DAOs and privacy

Discussion with Chelsea Manning and Harry Halpin moderated by Melissa Chan

Workshop: Protecting your privacy and earning rewards using the Nym mixnet

May 2022

Panel: Building privacy as a global infrastructural default - the decentralized approach

April 2022

Discussion panel + Max Hampshire: Anonymous credentials on the blockchain - introducing Nym Coconut Credentials and the Nyx smart contract platform

Nym will be at Devconnet - A collaborative Ethereum week, built by and for everyone.

Max Hampshire: Anonymous credentials on the blockchain - introducing Nym Coconut Credentials and the Nyx smart contract platform

The Future of Privacy on the Internet - Nym Launch with Edward Snowden

Meet the Nym team at PBWS

March 2022

Nym’s Jaya Klara Brekke on the Privacy As A Core Value Of Web3 panel

Nym & Distributed Labs - Privacy Focused Hackathon - Kyiv, Ukraine

Simon Wicky talks about website fingerprinting at Insomni’hack Conference

February 2022

Meet some of the Nym team at EthDenver

December 2021

Alexis Roussel presenting Nym in ETH DEV BCN

November 2021

Alexis Roussel presenting Nym in Kyiv

Harry Halpin, Amir Taaki, The Future of Privacy on Bitcoin and Beyond

October 2021

Tokens as a surveillance-proof business model? Introducing Nym global privacy infrastructure

September 2021

Big Minds Sharing their Vision on the Future of AI

Introduction to anonymous communication with mix networks

July 2021

Privacy for the end user, transparency for the infrastructure

May 2021

Nym wins Blockchain Solution of the Year Award

June 2020

Nym Credentials: Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Identity with Blockchains

May 2020

Complete Anonymity: An Advanced Workshop on Using Crypto for Privacy

“Why Layer One Solutions All Get Privacy Wrong”

March 2020

How to decentralize network-level privacy using cryptoeconomics, 11:15

January 2020
December 2019
November 2019
October 2019

Claudia Diaz

Harry Halpin, Dave Hrycyszyn, Jess Hrycyszyn, and Ania Piotrowska

September 2019
August 2019

Harry Halpin with Edward Snowden and Richard Stallman, 13:00

The Nym Team, ‘Privacy and Nym’ Workshop, 11:30

Harry Halpin and Claudia Diaz, 14:30 and 16:45

Harry Halpin, 12:00