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Version: v0.12.1 (stable)


Here are some links that may prove handy as you start exploring.

The Nym Project

  • You can chat to us in Keybase. Download the app, then click Teams -> Join a team. Type nymtech.friends into the team name and hit continue. For general chat, hang out in the #general channel. Our development takes places in the #dev channel. Node operators should be in the #node-operators channel to receive notice of system updates or node downtime.
  • The Nym website has general info on project status and links to learning materials and talks we've given
  • The Nym blog provides up to date project news and views
  • The Nym Platform code repo contains most parts of the Nym system in one convenient place
  • The Nym Sandbox Network Explorer shows testnet nodes and activity

Academic Papers