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Version: v1.1.8 (stable)


Get involved!

Nym is a free software project. We welcome the participation of anyone who values internet privacy and freedom.

The Nym platform, and Nym nodes, are infrastructure. The system is designed to provide incentives for people who run the infrastructure, and also for people who write Privacy Enhanced Applications (PEAPs). We need people to get involved running reliable infrastructure and building applications.

Run a Nym node

If you have server administration skills and an interest in maintaining high-quality infrastructure, the easiest way to get involved is to download our code and run a node, as detailed in our documentation. As the system progressively gets built, rewards will accrue to node operators who provide the best quality of service, a provable track record, and a good community reputation.

Write a PEAP

Nym allows application developers to build things that previously weren't possible.

Depending on your skills, you might be interested in building a Service Provider (which performs actions on behalf of users), or a client-facing app (which takes user input and forwards it so Service Providers), or both.

Helping Nym core

If you don't have server admin skills, or the desire to write a PEAP, you can still get involved in lots of different ways.

The Nym core team is small, and we are thrilled to get help from the wider community.

  • Rust
  • JavaScript
  • HTML/CSS work
  • other languages (building examples)

Tweets, PR help, general advocacy, explanatory help, partnerships, and commercial collaborations are also all very welcome!