Testnet hardware specs

Joining the Nym testnet with a mixnode is easy.

Once you’ve downloaded or compiled your mixnode according to the quickstart instructions, set it up on an internet-addressable server machine. It will automatically join our testnet.

Hardware Specs

  • Processor: 2 are fine. Get the fastest CPUs you can afford.
  • RAM: Memory requirements are very low - typically a mixnode may use only a few hundred MB of RAM.
  • Disks: The mixnodes require no disk space beyond a few bytes for the configuration files

For the moment, we haven’t put a great amount of effort into optimizing concurrency to increase throughput. So don’t bother provisioning a beastly server with many cores.

This will change when we get a chance to start doing performance optimizations in a more serious way. Sphinx packet decryption is CPU-bound, so once we optimise, more fast cores will be better.

Network Setup

  • ensure that your node is available and announces the right address, especially if you’re using a cloud service like AWS. See the AWS note on the mixnodes configuration page.
  • make sure that your machine speaks both IPv4 and IPv6, even if you don’t plan to use IPv6 yourself. Other node operators who you may be interacting with may by using IPv6.