We will get into building the Nym codebase and running nodes in the next section. Before we do so, a note on token incentives.

The Nym network has some of the same overall goals as Tor. But we want to enable Nym to scale in response to increased demand (and shrink when demand drops, so as not to waste resources). To do this in a decentralized way, nodes are included in the network based on cryptocurrency bonding, and a system of delegated staking.

We are now starting to test out the incentives structure for running Nym nodes. For the Finney testnet, Nym testnet wallet holders who run nodes or delegate stake to nodes will receive (valueless) testnet tokens, the hal, which runs on our Cosmos-based blockchain validators.

The structure of token rewards will be under experimentation throughout the course of Finney, and we will be altering them fairly frequently to run experiments and get community feedback. Finney Testnet rewards may not reflect how the incentives structure will work on mainnet.

We will be detailing the rewards structure in a series of blog posts over the course of the Finney testnet, and we will eventually document token rewards here.