We will get into building the Nym codebase and running nodes in the next section. Before we do so, a note on token incentives.

We are starting to test out the incentives structure for running Nym nodes. At present, incentives apply only to mixnodes and may not reflect how the incentives structure will be on mainnet. Over the next few releases, it will extend to validators and gateways as well.

Why incentives?

The Nym network has some of the same overall goals as Tor. But we want to enable Nym to scale in response to increased demand (and shrink when demand drops, so as not to waste resources). To do this in a decentralized way, nodes will be included in the network once they have a certain amount of reputation. Reputation is gained over time by running a node and providing reliable service.

How to participate

Over the past few weeks, we have been doing incentives signup manually, using web forms. Rewards have been given out using a trial reputation token called NYMPH, which exists on both the Ethereum and Liquid blockchains.

In this release (v0.9.x), we have gotten rid of the web signup forms. You can register your node for NYMPH tokens during the init or upgrade process. Rewards will still be given out manually, but the Nym network will now be automatically monitoring your nodes for uptime and mixing capability using a new component, the nym-network-monitor. This checks your node once a minute to ensure it is up and properly mixing packets.

Your node reputation score (which NYMPH rewards are derived from) are based on the results given by the network monitor. This is shown on the Nym testnet explorer at Note that the NYMPH token rewards are based on the reputation score of your node, but having 4000 reputation doesn’t mean you get 4000 nyms - we’re still working out the reward rates. Reputation goes up if your node is mixing correctly, and down if your node is mixing incorrectly.Both IPv4 and IPv6 routing must work in order for your reputation to rise.

We are still in testnet and using NYMPH token for testing out rewards. For coding ease, this token is called “NYM” on the Cosmos testnet chain. In upcoming releases, we will eventually launch a mainnet token NYM.