Here are some links that may prove handy as you start exploring our project:

  • The Nym website has general info on project status and links to learning materials and talks we've given
  • Nym Mixnet code
  • Nym Validator code
  • Nym Directory code
  • The Nym Dashboard shows testnet nodes and activity
  • You can get a live stream of our testnet mixnode activity by subscribing to the websocket at wss:// View it in-browser here.
  • We have built a console-based chat app as an example of mixnet integration via method calls.
  • We have also built an Electron based GUI Chat as an example of mixnet integration in non-Go languages. If you're a JavaScript coder, it's easy to build and run. If you're not, we will put releases out once we've got the GUI running nicely.
  • We have built a QT-based Validator Client to demonstrate the use of Coconut anonymous credentials with the Ethereum Ropsten testnet. You can try to build it yourself, or just download it for Mac and Linux.
  • The Nym Directory has Swagger Docs with runnable documentation, so you can easily get an overview of available API methods on the directory server.