The mixnet code is relatively simple to build and run on Mac OS X and Linux. We also have initial Windows support but it should be considered (for now) even more experimental than the rest of our code.


  • on Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt install pkg-config build-essential libssl-dev. If you are averse to running the Rust shell script installer, you may want to install cargo from apt. It might work, or might be too ancient, depending on your distro.
  • Rust 1.39 or later, with cargo. Stable works.

To download and build:

git clone
cd nym
git pull # in case you've checked it out before!
git checkout tags/v0.6.0 # <-- **VERY IMPORTANT**
cargo build --release

Note: the default branch you’ll clone from Github, develop, is guaranteed to be broken and incompatible with the running testnet at all times. You must git checkout tags/v0.6.0 in order to join the testnet.

The above commands will compile into the target/release directory.

ls target/release/

build	     libnym_client.d		    nym-client	   nym-sfw-provider
deps	     libnym_client.rlib		    nym-client.d   nym-sfw-provider.d
examples     libsfw_provider_requests.d     nym-mixnode
incremental  libsfw_provider_requests.rlib  nym-mixnode.d

Quite a bit of stuff gets built, but you can ignore most of it. The mixnet parts are:

  1. the Nym mixnode, nym-mixnode
  2. the Nym store-and-forward provider node, nym-sfw-provider
  3. the Nym client, nym-client

In the next sections we’ll try each of these out.