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Version: v0.11.0

Nym Wallet

The Nym Desktop Wallet lets you interact with your Nym node and to delegate stake to others. In future releases, it will also let you access the Nym mixnet.

You can download it for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

download nym wallet

The wallet is currently an early release version. If you find any bugs, please report them to our QA team.

On MacOS and Windows, you will see a security warning pop up when you attempt to run the wallet. We are in the process of getting app store keys from Apple and Microsoft so that this doesn't happen. In the meantime, we encourage you to check the authenticity of the your downloads using their file hashes.

On Mac:

  • shasum -a 256 nym-wallet_macos_0.1.0_aarch64.dmg should return 74ff83d122d7cf3525e08e8f0d3d2c15c9e76878ae3f4073180111ef2a231990
  • shasum -a 256 nym-wallet_macos_0.1.0_x64.dmg should return 54f1076e0dfc936c832e2b2c356afb6b789bc2ef4ba68a2cea183144f5677820

On Windows:

  • sha256.exe nym-wallet_windows_0.1.0_x64.msi should return 2a70b923123ddea4ae875a7710d8830b65380625ef1bcf989d3c53ad56ad6b46

On Linux:

  • sha256sum nym-wallet_linux_0.1.0_amd64.AppImage should return e4a850094d14789c77d17aba815ca4f06b95a3cb509c2dceb92cf5bc16c959cf

You will need to chmod +x nym-wallet_linux_0.1.0_amd64.AppImage in the terminal (or give it execute permission in your file browser) before it will run.

For developers#

If you would like to the compile the wallet yourself, follow the instructions below.

Prerequisites for building the wallet#

  • git
sudo apt updatesudo apt install git

Verify git is installed with:

git version# Should return: git version X.Y.Z
  • Yarn

  • NodeJS >= v16.8.0

  • Rust & cargo >= v1.56

We recommend using the Rust shell script installer. Installing cargo from your package manager (e.g. apt) is not recommended as the packaged versions are usually too old.

If you really don't want to use the shell script installer, the Rust installation docs contain instructions for many platforms.

Additional prerequisites for Windows#

  • When running on Windows you will need to install c++ build tools
  • An easy guide to get rust up and running can be found here
  • When installing NodeJS please use the current features version
  • Using a package manager like Chocolatey is recommended


Inside of the nym-wallet folder, run:

yarn install

Running in Development Mode#

You can run the wallet without having to install it in development mode by running the following terminal command from the nym-wallet folder

yarn dev

This will then start the Wallet GUI and produce a binary in nym-wallet/target/debug/ named nym-wallet.

Running in Production Mode#

To build and install the wallet, run the following terminal command from the nym-wallet folder

yarn build

This will build an executable file that you can use to install the wallet on your machine. The output will compile different types of binaries dependent on your hardware / OS system. Once the binaries are built, they can be located as follows:

Binary output directory structure**macos**|└─── target/release|   |─ nym-wallet└───target/release/bundle/dmgβ”‚   │─ bundle_dmg.shβ”‚   │─ nym-wallet.*.dmg└───target/release/bundle/macos/MacOsβ”‚   │─ nym-wallet|**Linux**└─── target/release|   │─  nym-wallet└───target/release/bundle/appimageβ”‚   │─  nym-wallet_*_.AppImageβ”‚   │─└───target/release/bundle/debβ”‚   │─  nym-wallet_*_.deb|**Windows**└─── target/release|   │─  nym-wallet.exe└───target/release/bundle/msiβ”‚   │─  nym-wallet_*_.msi