Submission Guidelines

We expect to see the following for submissions:

  • Working code demos hosted publicly (Gitlab, Github, some other git instance).
  • Quality > quantity here: we’d prefer to see a contained, working, and well documented Proof of Concept over a sprawling and messy app that does more but is poorly explained and presented. The repo must be open source and able to be used and modified by others. The license is up to you.
  • If you already have existing apps / projects you are more than welcome to extend them, instead of starting from scratch - we will only be looking at the NEW additions to make this fair. If you are doing this, make sure to write a detailed account of what it is you;ve added to the existing project, preferably with the possibility to see the ‘old’ version as well as the new one.
  • Proper documentation:
    • If an app / tool:
      • How do you install and run the code? How is it to be used?
      • An overview of the application architecture: what is it doing? Is it relying on other services?
    • If a UI-based solution:
      • How to run it locally? We are happy to also accept staging deployments as part of the submission (e.g. via Vercel) but this does not replace being able to run it locally.
  • Please make sure that your application works on commonly reproducible system environments (e.g. if you’re developing on Artix Linux please check for the necessary dependencies for more common-place OSes such as Debian, or Arch). If you are developing on Windows please make sure that it works on non-Windows machines also. Where possible please try to include build and install instructions for a variety of OSes.

How to submit?

Please follow the instructions here.

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